Hitchhiking to Tierra del Fuego

An extraordinary travelogue

Joshi Nichell is just 18 years old – just old enough to be able to explore the world on his own when he holds his high school diploma in his hands. And that's exactly where he sees a great opportunity!

He dreams of hitchhiking to South America or even Tierra del Fuego. Without a plane, without big money. And then he sets off! Joshi deliberately closes the door of comfort to see what new doors open. And he can always be amazed: One door after the other opens.

Full of confidence, he travels the world for almost two years – 21 months – with 681 vehicles. With seven sailing boats he crosses the big pond in seven months and immerses himself in the life and the dreamlike nature of South America. Already on his way to South America he encounters people and landscapes that he could only dream of before.

But it gets even more unusual on the way across the mainland to Tierra del Fuego! Joshi collects funny, wondrous and crazy stories in his backpack, which already weighs 30 kilograms. The now 23-year-old author and nature photographer tells of his courage, dreams, trust, fascination and the charity he experienced in a humorous and full of life energy, peppered with professional photographs!

Get out of the comfort zone - into adventure! Off to Tierra del Fuego!

Keep on dreaming!

About Joshi Nichel

Joshi Nichell was born on February 7, 1998 in Mainz.
He discovered nature photography and a passion for hiking. At 16 he went on his first trekking tours with his older brother in the northern Italian Alps.

After graduating from high school, he realized his dream of discovering South America in October 2016. He traveled exclusively hitchhiking for 21 months in 681 vehicles and ships. He returned after two years and published his first book “Full Happiness Ahead” in 2020.

He currently works part-time as a photographer, wildlife filmmaker and travel consultant. He lives in Landau, where he studies conservation biology and Catholic theology.

Copyright: Joshi Nichell


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