Light, inexpensive, quick to set up - the lightning tent

A smart idea for using a pick-up vehicle

While others are still setting up, you are already enjoying your first beer

The Blitzzelt is for people who like to travel off-road. Optimum driving characteristics off-road, comfortable and convenient on the camp area.

The Lightning Tent. Easy. Great.

The Blitz pick-up tent is designed for those who find a camper too expensive, a tent offers too little comfort, and want to enjoy unrestricted off-road fun and lie in a comfortable bed in the evening.

The new 2022 model has even more ventilation options and an electric water pump for the water supply.
The lightning tent can also be packed on a trailer. Convince yourself of the advantages of the lightning tent directly on site, you can also rent it there.

Small pack size

The lightning tent almost disappears in the hold of your pickup. So there is enough space for sports equipment or other bulky loads.

Fast set-up time

We don't want to stay at a campsite for weeks. It's nice when assembly and disassembly only take a few minutes.

Low center of gravity

Especially important off-road: little load and low center of gravity. The plus in safety is worth real money and increases driving pleasure.

distance to the ground

The base plate stands on stable feet. This makes even rainy days in the lightning tent a positive experience.

Your setup will be ready in a minute

The lightning tent convinces with the extremely short assembly time (less than 1 minute without canopy), the small pack size / weight and the high-quality workmanship made in Germany.

Live on the Adventure Southside

Convince yourself personally of the advantages of the lightning tent by visiting the Adventure Southside.

Bernd Engstler and his team are looking forward to a presentation at booth FG-130 (outdoor area).

From experience

At the end of a long development path is the lightning tent, a product that incorporates decades of our own camping experience.


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