Power from the juice box

The juice box is the first motorhome LiFePO4 battery with DualBMS. The juice box is developed, designed and assembled in Memmingen in Bavaria.

What distinguishes the juice box?


In addition to the latest Bluetooth 5.2 LE standard, the juice box has an integrated LTE module for remote access via app from anywhere.

High quality cells

Instead of cheap round cells, the juice box uses brand-new prismatic cells from well-known manufacturers.

Free mobile app

The free mobile juice box app for iOS and Android allows, among other things, technical information to be queried and the hibernation mode or cell heating to be activated.

Integrated heating

To ensure that the juice box quickly reaches operating temperature when the temperature falls below zero, it is equipped with an automatically controlled and powerful cell heater.

Integrated battery management system

The juice box uses a specially developed battery management system (BMS) that is manufactured in Inning near Munich.

Fully protected

All potential errors that may occur in practice are reliably detected by the BMS: deep discharge, overcharging, overcurrent, overtemperature or short circuit.

Integrated main switch

Neither the installation of an external main switch nor the removal of the battery during the winter break is necessary with the juice box. The integrated high-side switch completely separates the positive pole from the vehicle network.

Integrated balancer

The juice box masters both active and passive balancing.

The juice box on the Adventure Southside

We, the team behind the juice box, are very excited to be attending Adventure Southside for the first time this year. We will be there with a small stand to present our juice boxes. Feel free to come by, examine the juice box and ask us any questions you have about us or the product.

Booth A3-409 (Hall A3), Adventure Southside


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