The YUB Camper

The right camper for every need

The YUB Camper is a small, light camper in a special GRP sandwich construction in different versions.

YUB Camper GT

This camper fits behind any car or van, it is light and follows very stably. 100km/h approval is standard and can also be displayed for small cars. Unladen weight from just under 400kg with a permissible total weight of up to 1300kg.

YUB Camper SUV

There is one for SUV drivers who also like to drive off the beaten track YUB Camper SUV- Identical to the YUB Camper GT, but with more ground clearance and larger wheels with AT or optional MT tires. This takes you to the most beautiful places away from the big campsites.

YUB Campers OR

And then that one YUB Campers OR – OR stands for Off Road – this is the variant for rough terrain! Robust chassis specially developed for this purpose with plenty of ground clearance and proper tyres. This camper also follows every hard off-roader calmly through the roughest terrain without any difficulties.

The WoKaBox

 WoKaBox is a compact pick-up cabin in the same GRP sandwich construction - light and robust.

123 Camp universal furniture

If you only want to temporarily convert your own car or van into a camper van, the 123Camp universal furniture well served. They adapt flexibly to almost any vehicle and can be easily adjusted to the new car when changing vehicles.  

Experience the YUB Camper live at Adventure Southside

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