Special exhibition as part of Adventure Southside

Why Tiny Houses on the Southside?

The Adventure Southside started seven years ago as an adventure fair. Our topics were private expeditions to the most remote areas of the world, survival in the wilderness and the development of travel vehicles. Or simply the longing for freedom and independence. Tiny houses are an ideal and almost logical complement to the idea of ​​individual freedom.

Information for exhibitors

Last year (2021) Adventure Southside had 150 exhibitors and 10.000 visitors. We expect to exceed both numbers this year.
The special exhibition “Tiny Houses” takes place in Hall B2. The stand price there is 25 €/m².

Tiny houses are like living quarters for vehicles

They thus form a further field of activity for the self-builders of touring vans. The technology (solar power, electrics, heating, light, wet cell, building materials) is largely identical. Optimum use of space and weight savings are also important with the Tiny House. Some of our exhibitors have long been to both markets.

Our workshops for do-it-yourself builders are therefore equally suitable for both groups.

Added value for leisure and home ownership creation

For many travelers, home is at least as important as the vehicle.

The Tiny House makes your own home affordable, especially if you can invest your own money.

The desire for flexibility, freedom and self-sufficiency

Life plans are subject to change. Do we know if we will still be working and living in the same place in ten years?

Energy and resources are scarce and becoming more expensive. It's nice when you can get by in a tiny house with less energy and building materials or even live partially self-sufficient.

Freedom and flexibility are also important motivations for world travelers.

This is what awaits you in the Tiny Houses special exhibition


Tiny house manufacturers

Over three days you can put your questions directly to the companies, carpenters and joiners who are building your future home: Which floor plan should I choose? how is the isolation How is the problem of moisture inside and outside solved? How long does a tiny house last? How much does a tiny house cost me?


Suppliers of finishing materials

Whether solid wood or composite materials - there are many ways to Tiny House. The providers show the electrical equipment with solar cells, water treatment systems, materials for insulation, alternatives for heating and hot water preparation as well as many ideas for the interior design.


Workshops for self-development

Our workshops are aimed at motorhome builders as well as Tiny House builders. The reason is obvious: there are no major differences, except that 220V technology is usually used in Tiny Houses. Solar cells, heating, water treatment and heating remain similar.


A lot of like-minded people

Those who use the camping area are right in the middle. Here you can meet up with others around the campfire or with live music for a chat. Catering and drinks are of course available, both after the end of the fair on the fairgrounds and at the campsite.
The camping area holds over 1.000 vehicles.

(Tiny) house DIY workshop

(Tiny-)House self-conversion workshop with Uli Dolde The immobile conversion workshop Ulrich Dolde, known to some as a mechanic and writer on the subject of do-it-yourself mobile homes, has just completed his new project, which is more at home in the immobile world: the construction of his 88-square-foot home. The goal was to build the house from the top edge of the floor slab for 100.000 euros. Well, it all worked out...

READ MORE (Tiny) house DIY workshop


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