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GPS navigation for overlanders

Switzerland area New Fair 1, Friedrichshafen

Where am I? – a question that is not always easy to answer Mitch (Michael Blömeke) has been on the go since childhood. On foot, by canoe or off-roader, which also serves as a base camp, his current project is preparing for his trip around the world. But he always wants to know where he is and what's next. Therefore busy […]

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Electricity in motorhomes

Foyer West - FW-100 New Fair 1, Friedrichshafen

You can't do without electricity these days. At least not if you don't want to do without a few things and use candles for more than just the romantic mood in the evening. Mobile phones and tablet computers also want to be charged on the go, the cool box needs electricity and some electric light in the evening is also quite […]

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Beware of foisted smuggled goods

Outdoor area West - FG-186 New Fair 1, Friedrichshafen

KG1 workshop on the Adventure Southside When traveling abroad, it can happen that car travelers are given a package unnoticed if it is foreseeable that they will soon be crossing the national border. Anyone who is aware of the penalties a tourist can expect if he is caught with a packet of drugs will quickly realize that this workshop can save lives! Here is shown how […]


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